Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My dress is your dress...

Last month a very dear person who is very special in my life came for a visit. She had flown half way round the world to the UK on her summer break to catch up with family and friends and we were just one of her many stops on her whirl wind tour around the country!

I hadn't seen my friend since New Years 2009 where we spent three days with our boyfriends celebrating and getting quite tipsy! Little did we all know that I was literally falling pregnant with my daughter! Two months later she jetted out to South Korea, I was 3 months gone and we said goodbye over the phone feeling very sad that it would be a while before we saw each other again.

Fast forward two and a half years later and she arrived down south and met more daughter for the first time! We had a lovely few days together and had some proper girly fun, cream teas, paddling in the sea, dinner out and shopping! She mentioned that she really wanted a long summery maxi dress but she couldn't find one in Korea and wanted to get one whilst back in the UK, "just like that one hanging in the wardrobe in your spare room" she said to me.

Well the one she was talking about is one I have had for at least 5 years and the last time I wore it was about 4 years ago! Being in a relationship and having a baby has been more than generous to my shape and the dress hasn't fitted me properly for a while now, but as the length was perfect (I am a short arse and find it very hard to get maxi dresses off the peg!) I had kept hold of it dreaming that I would fit into it again one day!

So after a full day of shopping and no maxi dresses to be found I thought about that dress and asked my friend if she wanted it. "Are you really sure?" she asked, and I was! It had been hung up all this time without and wear all this time, it deserved to be set free and my lovely friend was the perfect girl to do it, after all it wasn't getting any love from me!

I know she will enjoy wearing it and will look so much better in it than me! I also loved the idea that a little part of me was heading back to Korea with her, plus ultimately giving her my dress made her happy - did do a little dance and squeal of delight. Our friendship has stood the test of time and many countries and our dress will too!

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