Wednesday, 16 May 2012

For my friend....

I have never been one of those really popular girls, with lots of friends on face book and a constant stream of social engagements and invites. I barely keep in contact with anyone I know from school or college or from past employment positions. But over the years I have made a few very close, dear and important friends and this weekend one of those beloved friends got engaged!!

I am beyond thrilled for her, we had spent the recent bank holiday weekend with the happy couple and my friends boyfriend (now fiancée!) had let slip to my other half that he was popping the question, in Paris, for her birthday! My other half told me of this when we returned from our stay at their house and I have spent all week brimming with excitement knowing that she was about to have a birthday she would never forget!

So on her arrival back to the UK, I finally got the news that he had proposed, at the Moulin Rouge no less and of course she had said yes! Well, as I said the lucky bride to be is someone very close to my heart and we have been through many ups and downs together, some of them love related, some of them not and she is well deserved of this joyous event!

I doubt I will ever be a bride, who knows I am wearing a diamond ring on my ring finger that was given to me by my other half but our views on weddings and marriage can be poles apart sometime, but that another story.  Anyway my feelings about being a bride is that it should be a special and magical time and so I wanted my lovely friend to feel that and to congratulate them both properly. I have found this sweet little card to send them from me and my family (you can't see on the photo but when you shake the card lots of glitter floats about over the picture) and a little note book for her to jot down all her ideas, important phone number, dates and thoughts and hopefully stick a few pictures of potential cakes, dress etc!

I wanted to give her a little something to get her started, to feel like a bride to be and to keep forever and look back with fond memories! I hope it makes her feel special when she gets, because she really deserves to be!


  1. rrr that is such a lovely thing to do x

  2. So sweet, I used my wedding notebook until it fell apart so I'm sure your friend will appreciate your gesture!

  3. Very lovely of you. What a great proposal! I had a wedding box full of pictures, invoices, ideas etc when planning our wedding! I loved the build up to the big day! I hope your friend enjoys every second of planning her special day. X