Sunday, 8 July 2012

Give a little love......

Today makes me want to hug my baby girl so tight, she is funny, clever and beautiful! I am so incredibly proud of her and her little life so far and feel blessed to be her mother.

Not everyone gets to share in the joys of being a parent the way I do, to watch they babies grow in to amazing little people, teach them, laugh and cry with them and watch them blow out their birthday candles every year.

Today I hug my baby girl a bit tighter as I remember a special little boy, who was everything my little one is, who showed the world he was a brave little fighter too and meant so much to the people who love him. He was born too soon in to this world and sadly had to leave.

Today I hug my baby girl a bit tighter and remember how lucky I am to have her in my arms, I think about her cousin and show her a picture of him and tell her how wonderful he was.

Every year on his birthday we have vowed donate a special present in his memory to an amazing charity called Bliss who have helped many Families who have sick and premature babies and do so much good work towards ensuring that these babies have the best quality of life.

Happy 1st Birthday my darling nephew, you are loved and missed and will never be forgotten x x x

If you would like to donate to Bliss please follow the link to their donation page

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